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Couple on a date

When you date online, the rules are different than when you meet someone at a local place. But if you’re new to online dating, you may be in need of some dating advice. At, we want to make it easier for you to find that special someone who will make your life complete. Here [...]

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innamorati che brindano

Maybe you’ve heard of online dating, but chances are, you don’t really know just how popular it is. For instance, 54 million single people in the United States, a whopping 40 million of them have tried online dating. That means that a majority of the single people in America has turned to an online dating [...]

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Dating Guide


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If you’re a young person, then you already know that teenage dating is a lot different than the kind of dating that adults do. And so it only makes sense that you want your own online place to meet new friends—or even that new someone special. At, we want to provide a safe place [...]

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